529 Print Co. will be shutting down.


529 Print Co. was started a little over 2 years ago, with the intention of providing an elevated print service to our creative community. From the beginning the goal has been to provide a great customer experience and the best quality printing at a reasonable price. I am happy to say that I believe this formula has been very successful and it has been wonderful to be part of all the amazing work, projects and people we have been able to be involved with.

Over this time we have also faced some adversity as any small business is expected to have, especially during covid times. Through the mix of highs and lows all of our incredible clients have been the main motivation to keep us going. However, as of the last few months a couple major changes (Susie will be moving to pursue a career in UX design, and we’re so happy for her! And the sunroom shutting down, effectively leaving us homeless) have forced me to make some tough decisions. Ultimately, it has become too difficult for myself to manage the business and after many months of seeking alternative solutions and potential additional support, sadly, the best thing for me to do is to shut down 529 Print Co.

The good news is that all our equipment will live a second life as part of a new printing company called Ki’ikau Printers! They will be powered by a very established fashion company and eventually plan to offer a lot more services than we could ever have; including: textile printing and apparel/soft good design etc. They are building a new shop very close by in SALT at 691 Auahi Street STE 3-205, Honolulu, 96813.

I will be helping them get set up and stay on as a consultant, so you should expect a comparable experience, service offering, and print quality as 529 Print Co. To make things easier for everyone I am planning on passing on our print files to this new company, please let me know if you prefer we delete your files instead.

I wish I could have provided more notice for this transition. This entire process has taken much longer than anticipated and only until very recently did everything solidify.

Here are some details on our timeline:

Now-May 10
529 Print Co. will continue to receive and produce orders placed between now and May 10. During this time we will also be moving all the equipment to SALT, so please let me know if you have any time sensitive orders and I can do my best to fulfill them before the move. If you currently have an open order I will let you know the best place to pickup when they are ready.

May 5-10
Printing will probably be closed for a few days as everything is settled in the new place.

May 10-15
529 Print Co. to produce and fulfill remaining open orders at new SALT space.

May 16 and on
Orders may be placed to Ki’ikau Printers by emailing Kai’imi at imi@kiikauprinters.com

The experience of serving you has been so amazing and incredibly rewarding! Accepting this transition has been very difficult, but I wanted to let all you know how thankful I am for your trust, patience and support.I will always be around for anything you may need including small business or design/creative consulting or just to catch up, please reach out at: hicraftninja@gmail.com

In the meantime, please also feel free to email me at my current email: danny@529printco.com with any questions you may have.

All the best, keep creating!